This is a Seminar and Workshop for the Students and Freshers to educate students about Monetising opportunites from the Subjects they wanted to study as a part of their Academic Commitments or out of their own interest to master a particular domain.

Foriegn Countires have Monetisation options for students while they Study, but India still lags behind and our Students are deprived of such opportunities. This Seminar and Workshop will be an Eye Opener for the students to explore the opportunities around them especially that revolves around their own Academics.

The Speaker/Trainer of the Seminar and Workshop is Prof. Junaid Khateeb, who is very renowned amongst the Engineering Students of Mumbai.

Enroll for the seminar for free on the link below:

The seminar is open to Students/ Fresh graduates from :
- Engineering (Degree & Diploma) 
- BSC (IT & Computer Science)
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Important Dates
15th Jan'17, 05:00 pm (IST)
Start Date & Time
15th Jan'17, 07:00 pm (IST)
End Date & Time
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Harish Sivasankar V 9600571604
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p.hemasai chandra
January 12, 2017

Akanksha Agrawal
January 12, 2017

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