VITTUC is a two day National Conference organised annually by the UK based chapter in VIT, IET-VIT.

The Conference that has been attracting more than 300 participants every year, seems to exceed the expectations of all resulting in more diverse conference attendees. The delegates gain an insight into the technical issues faced across the globe in status quo and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of the UN representatives and corporate entities.

The Conference has been fostering a balance between the national and international policies on a constructive platform. Seeing the growing number of delegates representing their community’s opinions, we earnestly look forward to your participation at this year’s Conference.


TUC transcends the boundaries of a simple debate to become, for the participating delegates, a riveting platform to appreciate, imbibe and practice the art of diplomacy, an understanding of what guides relations between nations, companies and personalities, establishing peace and dousing conflict fires through cooperation, negotiation and compromise.

If you are game for deep research on the issues proposed to be taken up during the two days of the Conference, you will surely be able to leave your mark through your erudition, debating and public speaking skills. The takeaways from the Conference, we promise, will be in the form of heightened critical thinking, translucency and eloquent speaking while articulating on any issue, appreciation of teamwork and toned up leadership skills. The Conference promises to challenge you with unprecedented crisis and agendas, providing an opportunity to prove your mettle in contemporary times.
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Aditya Sharma sharma.aditya0014@gmail.com 9629008233
- vittuc2017@gmail.com 8489966689
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