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Call for articles: 

We invite articles on all management verticals – General Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources

General Management:
-Effective process management for healthcare system 
-Effect of budget 2017 on healthcare sector

-Heathcare, the next booming sector?
-Healthcare startups: New attraction for VC's

-Investments in Healthcare Industry
-Healthcare Financing : Past, Present, and Future
-Healthcare lending on rise in India

-The emergence of medical tourism and catering to tourists. 
-The rising awareness among people for healthcare and managing the hospitals accordingly. 
-The shrinking digital divide and emergence of medical start ups like healthspring (also medicine delivery services)

-Barriers to effective healthcare in India 
-Ethical and Legal systems of healthcare organizations

Submission Guidelines:

1. Entries should be sent in from students of Post Graduate Management Courses.

2. Teams of maximum 2 can participate. The students can be from different institutes.

3. Send in your article to samvad.we@gmail.com. The file should be in .doc or .docx format; Font size:       12; Font: Constantia; Line spacing: 1.05'

4. Word limit: 1000 words or a maximum of 4 pages with relevant images.

5. All the tables and images should have properly numbered title(s) above and source at the bottom of the table/images.

6. The cover page should include your name, institute name, year, course details & contact no.

7. Please name your file as:  Name_Theme_Marketing/Finance/HR etc.

8. Subject line: Samvad_Theme_Marketing/Finance/HR etc.

9. Ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned.

10. Like our Fb pg: https://www.facebook.com/Samvad.WeSchool.Student.Magazine

11. Follow us on Twitter: @Samvad_We

12. Read our blog: http://samvadwe.blogspot.in/


Deadline for submission of entries: 26/04/2017

Please adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.        

E-Certificates will be provided for shortlisted entries.

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Hari Karthik.V
April 10, 2017

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