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    Conundrum 2014

    Symbiosis Insititue of Managment Studies

    Conundrum 2014 Symbiosis Insititue of Managment Studies
    Date: 18-Jan-2014 to 19-Jan-2014
    Festival: Orion
    Location: Pune, Maharastra
    Eligibility: MBA Students, Postgraduate Level
    Region: India
    Updated on: 23-Dec-2013
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    Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies(SIMS) presents to you :Orion 2014, Annual Cultural Festival!

    As a part of this festival we invite the students of your college to:

                                        Conundrum - Marketing management event!


     “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”. 

    New technologies will always demand and deserve careful navigation and difficult readjustments. But the weakening or de facto abolition of copyright will not merely roil the seas, it will drain them dry. Those who would pirate what you produce have developed an elaborate sophistry to convince you that they are your victim.

    They aren't.

    Fight back.

    In the global conundrum, a marketing manager needs to equip himself with the right skills to be able to survive the market. 

    So clear off the dust from your navigation tools.

    The only way out of this conundrum is to hypothesize some kind of strategy that brings it to an end.

    The Globe is ready, come prepared with your compass……


                                 Unexpect the expected! 

    Date: 18th & 19th of Jan, 2014

    Prizes Worth Rs 30,000/- 

    To Register in teams of 2, click on the link given below:


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