Advice (Tips) to Students while participating in Samsung E.D.G.E. Challenge

Sameer Wadhawan, Head, Human Resources, Akshay S. Rao, Chief Manager, Mobile Business and Namrata Yadav, Manager, Consumer Electronics Business advice the students who are keen on participating in Samsung E.D.G.E.

Sameer Wadhawan asked the students to trust on data because finding the right data and getting into right details will give them a proper insight to arrive at a viable solution. He also advised students to be very creative and must be open to their ideas and trust them as one never knows which idea will work best for them.

He also said that the business problems are not simple so students should think horizontally, practically and holistically towards the solution. This will help them in understanding how real businesses are conducted. Try to be open and do not reject any idea. Interact with corporate leaders as much as you can, express yourself to be able to feel your future.

According to Akshay, business competitions are important, it gives one a perspective on the work and the corporate culture. The various leadership talks can help the aspirants to get a better understanding of the future roles that they might be in and about the mission of the company.

Namrata suggests that taking part in competitions are important, however, the students should utilise the opportunity to meet and interact with top management to get a glimpse into the culture of the company, its current status and also assess the course it might take in the future.

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