Advice (tips) to the students while participating in The Ultimate Pitch

Tips shared by the professionals of Reliance for the students participating in The Ultimate Pitch Challenge.

Prachi Gera stated that there are so many perks in participating in this competition. It is an amazing opportunity for the students as they get a chance to visit the Jio retail centre, meet the chairman of the company, trip to Jamnagar in a Chartered plane, stay in best of facilities and chance to experience Reliance at first hand. She also expressed that it is an amazing platform to pitch their ideas.

Archit Sehgal stated that it is a brilliant platform for showcasing the talent and their thought process. At the same time, one gets an experience of real business challenges that they might face one day.

Pooja Wanpal asked the students to give their best shot every time they go to the stage and speak their heart out. She also asked them to think creatively and out of the box.

Aarti Jhingon asked the students to think like an entrepreneur and solve the problem as if it is their own. She asked them to have fun and not take stress while participating in any sort of competition which will make it a memorable one for them and their team members.

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