Applying for a scholarship is not as much a straightforward process as one might think. While the steps are simple and easy to work on, one needs to pay special attention to the tiniest of details which can either make or mar your application.

We all are aware of the basics like understanding the eligibility requirements, not missing the deadline, paying attention to the language in the application and essay, and working on our credentials. In the information flood telling us what to do it is easy to miss out on what not to do.

5 Mistake You Must Avoid While Applying for Scholarship

Incomplete or Wrong Details In Your Application

This is the most basic requirement in any scholarship application. Mistakes like missed punctuation or misspellings tend to leave a negative impression on those reading it.

Such mistakes are more common in online applications as once sent they can’t be re-edited.

Online or offline, pay attention to the details, or find a willing family member/friend to check it for you before finalizing the draft.

Missed Deadlines

This is an absolute deal breaker everywhere. Your punctuality shows your willingness and interest in any particular university. Sending your applications after a deadline will send the impression that you are

  • Not punctual and earnest
  • Don’t treat that particular opportunity as a priority

In either case, you will not be considered for the position. So don’t     leave your application for the last moment.

Applying for Scholarship

Applying for Less or More Scholarships Than You Should

Find out your requirements from a scholarship, and search for the ones which fulfill those criteria.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by applying for even those which don’t help your future plans, as chances are that applying and performing for them all might burn you out.

Similarly, don’t discredit scholarships with low funding. If clubbed together, a few of such scholarships will help you easily sail through college.

Furthermore, the ones with a smaller funding are usually less competitive and more in number, which should be a clear attraction.

Reusing the Same Essays and Answers for Every Application

It is important to customize your answers and essays for each application as the requirements from the applicants are rarely the same.

The details you fill and the essays you write need to be a reflection of your genuine self and dreams.

It also needs to reflect the goals of the foundation that’s funding the scholarship. General and bland applications never do as well as these ones.

Not Checking the Source of the Scholarship

There are many organizations that ask you to pay them in order to get a scholarship abroad.

Do not fall for these unscrupulous agencies as they are fraud in nature and will rip you off your money while giving you nothing in return.

Be cautious while applying for every scholarship as the tiniest of the details could make or break it. Keep an eye out for these common mistakes and remember to always be confident in your abilities.

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