Bagging an overseas placement during MBA | Subham’s story

Getting placed abroad, immediately after you’re done with your post-graduation, is what most of us dream of! Turning this dream into a reality, we have Subham Agarwal, a Mechanical Engineer turned Business professional, who chose to study at the Mecca of Marketing, IMT Ghaziabad, after having scored a good 99+ percentile in CAT. This is his story of belief, of having faith in himself and how that helped him bag an overseas placement. 

From helping his uncle run a shop during his school days to taking part in different events in college, Subham found his interests inclined towards the field of sales and marketing. He had a knack for understanding people which made him realise that he would be a better salesman than an engineer.  An obvious choice thus, Subham landed in IMT Ghaziabad, a popular choice amongst students who want to pursue a career in Marketing.

Having participated in numerous competitions in the two years of B-School, Subham grew as an orator and learnt how to present himself in front of the jury. Adding to this, he says that competitions provide challenges of different kinds, which rarely are found in the confines of an MBA classroom. 

Heading on to the pivotal part of his journey, Subham mentions that he had a tumultuous placement phase which had its own ups and downs. Rejected from different sectors of Automobile, FMCG,  Retail and more, he talks about the importance of analyzing mistakes after every rejection. These rejections played a crucial role for Subham for bagging his final interview, added he. 

The journey of clearing his overseas interview started with a skype interview which was purely technical. Convinced with his conviction, amongst the 20 people selected, Subham made it to the final round which, to his surprise, started with a party. Mentioning the importance of Culture Fit, he speaks of how this is what companies look forward to, in a potential employee. 

Post the party, Subham had another face-to-face interview with the recruiters. Having gelled with the recruiters already during the party, the recruiters identified Subham as a good culture fit for the company. Speaking on bagging an overseas placement and shifting abroad, he mentions that the two years of B-School training had made him a good marketeer. This helped him pitch the coveted job to his parents and convince them to join the same. 

Different Strokes, in this fragment, brings the story of Subham Agarwal into light. It talks about the dreams of an ordinary student, how he believed in himself and his worth, and his struggle and hard work which paved his career path. 


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