Converting a PPI through Godrej LOUD | Sruthy’s story

Corporate Competitions are known to enhance classroom learning by giving students a glimpse into the realm of corporates. Beyond the confines of their classroom, competitions held at B-Schools give students an idea about the company, how the corporate world functions and whether or not it is the company of their dreams. One such competition, Godrej LOUD, is designed to give wings to the dreams of B-School students. Not only this, the competition which is curated in a fashion that allows students to pitch their out-of-the-box ideas and see them come true, offers lucrative prizes and PPIs to the ones who present really outstanding ideas.  

From a chemical engineering background to pursuing an MBA at IMT Ghaziabad, Sruthy R. Pisharady went on to bag an internship PPO at Godrej during the first few months of her B-School journey. In another video of Different Strokes, we uncover Sruthy’s story of getting called as a special invitee at Godrej LOUD for her unique, unparalleled idea and the hows of converting a PPI at Godrej. 

Her journey of participation in the competition, Godrej LOUD, began with her dream, an idea that’s intricately woven with her passion for writing. A book blogger, Sruthy has always been interested in writing book reviews. Once she found that her passion aligned with the competition’s guidelines, she knew that her proposal would outstand the rest for its uniqueness.  

A part of a special team, Sruthy got an opportunity to travel all the way to Mumbai where lie Godrej’s headquarters. From the initiation of the idea to the culmination of the competition, the journey has been splendid for Sruthy. Amongst the various different routes that the competition took, the Mumbai venture of Sruthy turned out to be amazing where she got to interact with senior members of Godrej, ones who are leaders of the industry. 

Not only was her Mumbai experience amazing, but it also helped her understand what the company looks for in individuals they would like to employ. It made her familiar with the people at Godrej, their work environment and helped her comprehend how Godrej, as an organisation as well as an extremely popular firm, functions. 

Presenting a different idea, one that people rarely think of, is one thing. But making it to the finale and then bagging the PPI for an internship with Godrej, is another. Amongst the five special invitees, Sruthy was the only one who cleared the interview, landing an internship offer with Godrej. 

This is the story of Sruthy Pisharady, who knew what she wants in life and did not hesitate to make the most of the opportunities that came her way. This is her story of passion and determination that gave a kick-start to her career in the very beginning of her B-School journey. 

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