College brings along an unparalleled freedom for every student. But along with it comes the weight of responsibility of oneself and one’s future. Gone are the days when a mere degree used to cement your position in the job market. The new age employers need experience, they need recruits who can shoulder responsibilities with ease and don’t need a separate adjusting period into the office environment.

We all have heard about the ‘need a job for experience – need experience for a job’ conundrum. And we all understand the significance of experience in each sector. So what does one do? Merely graduating won’t be enough, for the way forward is paved by internships.

An era has come where every company wants to invest on those who are trained and well skilled for industries before hiring them.

Benefits of doing internships

Although one must not think that this makes degrees irrelevant. Your educational degrees are your launch pad, it’s from here that you decide which way to soar towards.

Nothing can ever take away the importance of a degree, but the point we are trying to put across is that times are changing. Experience now holds, if not more, than at least the same importance as a degree.

The competition has now gone global. There is no way to tell how your educational qualification is better than a similar one from the US. So what a potential employee does is signal.

Economics refers to the term ‘signaling’ in its job-market model to explain how a job aspirant sends a signal about their ability level to the employer by acquiring the needed credentials.

Internships are the best way to acquire those credentials. A classroom would never teach you all that an active internship will. As they say, you need to get your hands in the soil to understand the true nature of the field. No sweat, no gain.

Work from home

Internships help you give a proper insight into the work space. You gather the tools for making an informed decision about your future. Another plus point is the networking. The contacts you forge during the internship help your job hunting in the future. Furthermore, the option to work from home is a plus point if you find it difficult to balance a full time internship with your life.

At Dare2Compete we have created an all-in-one portal for internship aspirants of all sectors. While these internships cover the major domains of Engineering, Business and Arts & Design, they also include the now expanding market of IT, Public relations, Social media, Content Writing and Sales & Consultation. Further sorted as ‘Trending’, ‘Latest’, and ‘Ending soon’, you can easily prioritize your applications for each.

So go ahead and intern, experiment with your interests and sectors. Understand that experience embellishes your degrees, an embellishment which is rather necessary in today’s job market. Finer the credentials, the more coveted you become.


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