Do you have the requisite skills to join Samsung?

Do you possess the requisite skills to work in Samsung? Sameer Wadhawan, Head, Human Resources, Rishabh Nagpal, Director, Human Resources and Nazia Abidi, Manager, Human Resources talk about the requisite qualities that Samsung look out for in their future hires.

Sameer Wadhawan stated that though academic performance is an important parameter, it is not the only parameter for evaluating a candidate. They are a lot more interested in how good the candidate is in doing things, in interacting with people, in teamwork, how collaborated the candidate is and what are their interests. They basically look at the holistic personality of the candidate.

Rishabh Nagpal said that they look for candidates who are multifaceted and at the same time who are able to get culturally aligned with the corporate environment.

Nazia Abidi expressed that they look for a candidate who has the fire in them to get the things done in an innovative way.

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