How L’Oréal ensures your successful career?

The professional share their story on how L’Oréal as an employer has always supported and ensured their positive career growth

Saurabh Dadu Singhal stated that there were two angles to the training given to them. One was a functional part which helped them to grow as a marketer and other was to develop their personality as a whole. There are various courses available for developing soft skills, professional expertise and many more for an overall development of an individual. L’Oréal also ensures that their employees are well aware of the trends and reality of the market.

Rishika Singh defines L’Oréal as an open and helpful organisation. She can walk up to any senior member in L’Oréal at any point in time.  

Himanshi Dandona stated that L’Oréal helped in building her career by giving an opportunity to work across multiple categories, across functions and also through international exposure.

Ninad Shukla said that L’Oréal training programs are customized to every employee. One gets an opportunity to attend the workshops and skill development programs throughout the year which helps in developing the qualities needed for a successful career.

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