Inspirational Journey of L’Oréal Brandstorm

Rishika Singh (Assistant Marketing Manager) shares her story citing how the journey began on October 2014 with registrations for Brandstorm and representing India at Paris on June 2015 where they came second. It was a long journey of 6-8 months and once they were back from the contest, it was a very busy time preparing for the interview at L’Oréal to grab the job. This journey has been a test of endurance for her, with loads of hard work, evaluations, feedback, teamwork etc. that it will be hard to quantify. Nevertheless, she has received immensely and Brandstorm was totally worth it.

Saurabh Dadu Singhal (Assistant Marketing Manager) says that their team has always kept Brandstorm as a top priority over summer-internships, summer placements and studies. It was bit difficult initially, however, consistency made him win over odds and as a Brand Manager at L’Oréal it feels really fulfilling.

For Himanshi Dandona (Management Trainee), participating and winning the Brandstorm was most enriching and thrilling journey. She expressed that the way the competition has been designed makes you feel like a real Brand Manager and not a student anymore. The competition makes you get involved with the brand culture, senior management and the consumers that prepare one for the role that they would take-up in future.

Ninad Shukla (Assistant Marketing Manager) shares his journey that it all started with a WhatsApp chat and then there was a crazy obsession with the competition. He was always looking for ways to improve his case along with his team members and participating in the different levels of the competition, interacting with the company’s top-brass, meeting participants from 45 other countries and learning from them has been a lifetime experience.

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