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The TBLA (Tata Business Leadership Awards) started in 2002, is a business case competition run as a key initiative of the Tata group for closely engaging with bright minds across premier business schools of the country visited by TAS for recruitment and employees within the Tata group.

Ruchika Kohli, Manager- TAS Resourcing and Campus Lead stated that they have become pioneers in conducting engagement program like TBLA due to more than 15 yrs of experience. To stay ahead in the race they pick up new themes every year which are critical to the house of TATA. They also pick a case which is exciting both to the audience and the leaders within the TATA Group.

Leaders from the TATA Group also visit respective campuses to enlighten students on the case. TATA also has a very strong appearance online, On-campus, and through various offline initiatives to make it a notable one.

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Browse through the walls of the country’s topmost corporate houses and get to know more about them – their thoughts on talent acquisition, their USP’s which makes them popular recruiters, their employees success stories, and their brand properties.


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