L’Oréal Pitch to Students

Ninad Shukla (Assistant Marketing Manager), Himanshi Dandana (Management Trainee), Saurabh Dadu Singhal (Assistant Marketing Manager) and Rishika Singh (Assistant Marketing Manager) highlighted USPs of joining L’Oréal, the No. 1 company in the world of beauty.

Himanshi Dandona takes great pride in working with L’Oréal. She stated L’Oréal’s cutting edge technology and research in science is the main driving force in developing one of the best quality products to meet the needs of the beauty world.

Ninad Shukla stated that L’Oréal provides an opportunity to grow and succeed in career across different domains such as operations, sales, marketing and others. He loves working for L’Oréal.

Saurabh Dadu Singhal defines L’Oréal as the best beauty company in the world with very open and forward-looking culture. In L’Oréal one get opportunities to work across different categories and functions.

Rishika Singh defines L’Oréal as an excellence driven company and they try to ensure that they are perfect in everything that they do. She also stated that they work towards understanding the consumers need and meeting their demands.

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