So you landed your dream college with your loved subjects, what next? A degree will not ensure your dream job, your experience however, can. As you are stepping into your graduate/postgraduate life, the importance of work experience in the job sector has been stepping up too.

We all are familiar with the importance of an internship, as it has become more of a rule than an exception all over the world.

6 Benefits of Doing an Internships

  • Help in enhancing your resume.
  • Develops soft skills which are necessary in the workplace
  • Shows your initiative and leadership skills
  • Improves your professional network
  • Gives you a chance to see how your preferred sector works
  • Builds confidence along with experience

The positives are enough to encourage every student towards an internship, but one must be aware of their choices regarding the same. Not all internships are fruitful and helpful towards an intern’s career development.

One plus point of taking up internships is the disillusionment many students have after working real time with their dream organization, as many times what we imagine isn’t the reality.

6 Tips for Finding a Right Internships


Students with internships get 20% more salary at joining than those who haven’t, so pay attention to the sector you choose to gain your experience in.

Start Early

Don’t wait for the holidays to start looking. Contact your college placement cell and inquire about the organizations they have information about. Don’t hesitate in reaching out to alumni’s or seniors who could provide you with valuable feedback.

Use Your Network

Ask your family, friends and classmates for suggestions. Many times this private prospecting leads to information that is not widely known and could help you avoid competing with thousand others.

Research the Organization Thoroughly

Have a set of prepared questions addressing all your concerns and expectations for the interview. Don’t take a blind leap without assuring that the company has something to offer back to you.

Look for Change

Don’t focus only on the big organizations. Keep yourself open to Startups and NFPs and NGOs as it would provide you with bigger responsibilities and an opportunity to bring change.

Find One Online

Instead of wasting time on your feet, make internet your savior. Look online for credible websites providing information about internships by organizations.

Perfection is difficult to achieve at one shot but it is not impossible. It is extremely important to choose internships by verifying every aspect of it because though internships can be done multiple times, but each experience is important.

One such website which act as a tutor for Internship aspirants is Dare2Compete. We as an organization are focused on the development of the Indian educational and job sector. This is your one stop solution for your internship quest. Our website hosts internship advertisements for every domain and by well known organizations, be it corporate or government or NGO’s.

The competition in the job sector is severe, and the only way you make yourself shine in the crowd is by experience. So look for one which develops your skills and strive forward for experience that matters.

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