PepsiCo Pitch to Students


Watch the Professionals from PepsiCo speaking about the benefits of joining PepsiCo- varied work experience in different sectors, learning, work environment and more!

Pavitra Singh (Director- Global Campus COE), Jasneet Kaur (HR Director- SDT), Monika Mishra (Management Trainee- Sales), Davis Jose (Management Trainee- HR) and Debolina Bhattacharya (Management Trainee- Sales) highlighted USPs of joining Pepsico.

Pavitra Singh said PepsiCo provides the challenging and varied experiences in different fields. She also said that the management students who join PepsiCo through CTG have great success stories.

Jasneet Kaur stated that the management students are the Entrepreneur of the future and they can make the difference in the real world scenario. PepsiCo provides them with the stage to showcase their talents.

Monika Mishra expressed that learning in PepsiCo is endless and at the same time it provides them with the new experiences across different functions every day.

Davis Bose said PepsiCo provides an immense amount of 1st hand on-ground experiences and learnings. At the same time, it is a fun place to work.

Debolina Bhattacharya said PepsiCo provides huge learning opportunities and simultaneously, it provides an opportunity to work with very passionate and talented people.

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