Samsung Pitch to Students

Since Samsung is a fast-paced market player in the electronics industry, Akshay S. Rao, Chief Manager, Mobile Business, expressed, there is always a lot of action happening which keeps one occupied. It can be an excellent place to work for the workaholic lot.

According to him, Samsung has many products and it is an organisation which has continued with its innovation uptrends that increase the scope of work here.

There is a work-life balance here with a management who are really receptive and fast acting on the feedback that is shared. So for a prospective employee, it can be a good place to start with.

As per Namrata Yadav, Manager, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung looks after its employees very well, it is as if the organisation feels that as if it has got your back now you’re free to learn and grow.

The organisation wants its employees to push all self-created boundaries and move ahead. Since it’s my first job, I can really vouch for others to work here, especially the tech freaks who might be interested in product launches.

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