Social Initiatives organised by Hero MotoCorp

Amrit Bhasin, Campus Manager talks about creating values for the stakeholders. Hero MotoCorp wants to be emotionally connected to its stakeholders and maintains the bond that they already have with them. They organize the various initiatives under their CSR umbrella.

One of their initiatives is “Humari Pari” for underprivileged girl children, giving them the right to life, right to education and other opportunities.

Another initiative is “Ek Pehal” which is about the women empowerment through self-reliance.

One of the most beautiful initiatives taken by the Hero MotoCorp is on the birthdays of their employees, they make them plant trees-one employee, one birthday and one tree. Through this initiative, they are instilling value in the society.

Watch the video to know about the other social initiatives organized by Hero MotoCorp.

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