Building a startup is a grueling process. Valuating an early stage startup and justifying its importance to the investors and possible clients require all the attention and determination one could muster. An important step in this process is hiring the right team to do so.

The network an entrepreneur forms helps him/her form the best strategy for an imminent growth in the market. The client meets, corporate events, crowdfunding campaigns and the marketing is enough to keep occupy and grill the employees. The slow burn is inevitable.

So what does one do to make sure innovation and ideas never stop pouring in? Fortunately we now have a solution- interns.


These young and enthusiastic individuals are willing and capable to do jobs and fit in undefined roles owing to their flexibility. Their creative ideas help a startup’s growth while the employer’s experienced insights help their career graph.

Benefits of Hiring a Intern in a Startup

  • They bring in fresh and innovative ideas to a run of the mill project.
  • You get more work done in less pay as compared to a full time employee. And the enthusiasm is an added bonus.
  • Gives a boost to your employer brand among st the student (read future employee pool) community. That’s easy marketing.
  • They are the best people to take care of short term projects or tasks which are time consuming but menial for an experienced employee.
  • Being younger automatically gives them an edge on technology. More than your existing team at times. That could help in social media marketing and speedier completion of projects.


While it sounds amazing and fruitful, like all things in life, it doesn’t come easy. Finding the right intern is crucial if you wish to make them a part of your startup’s success story. How to find the best bunch of low on demand, high on value interns you ask?

4 Basic Tips for Hiring Perfect Intern for Your Company

  1. Make sure you give them a cause to work with you. A tedious copy-paste-and-bring-coffee-while-you-are-at-it job description will earn you zero aspirants.
  2. Instead of wasting time on face to face or telephonic interviews give the aspirant an exercise to prove their worth on their choice of job. Be it a test article for a content writer or a program for a coder.
  3. Training matters. Make sure you have a dedicated mentor for the training and development of the interns you hire.
  4. The bigger the pool of internship aspirants, the better choices you will have. For that you must scrounge through your networks, university departments and websites (like ours, details to follow), to find the top of the ladder interns.

This process is a handful, especially with the management of a startup alongside. One way to make it easier is to leave the sieving up to professionals.

We at Dare2Compete provide you exactly that by paving the way ahead. All you need to do is give us a description of your requirements and we will form the perfect internship advertisement which reaches a wide range (223,000+ subscribers on the last count) of people across the country. Thus effectively giving you a better pool to choose from while doing away with the headache of the processing technicalities.

Interns are a bright lot, and can surely help the development of your startup. It’s a give and take that matters both the parties, so choose wisely and watch it soar.

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