The recruitment season arrives with the same pomp and glory every year, the same processes for the same old organizations are done in a stable yet repetitive manner. This had been going on for years till the entry of two new factors in the melee.

Startups and Student Competitions

While the former changed the face of the corporate sector from the employer/owner’s perspective the latter brought about a fresh and much needed change in the recruitment process for the aspirants.

The United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) stated in its World Employment and Social Outlook Report (2017) that job creation in India is not going to pick up pace in 2017-2018. This has been a result of worldwide recessions in 2016 that are impacting the economic scenario now.

During bleak times like these, the startup scenario has been a bracing presence. Indian startups have caught the attention of Silicon Valley as well as many other developed nations that have invested heavily in them.

During the first quarter of 2017, around 214 Indian tech startups raised close to 1.4 Billion in funding. As a rule better funding has led to more stable organizations that led to better job creation.

Job candidates

The recruitment process also went through new and better changes. The use of competition and gamification for recruiting the top talent has been beneficial. These student competitions bring forth the candidates who posses practical knowledge and the expertise to apply it. This enthusiasm and innovative mindset has been the core of the startup thought process.

Student competitions are of various forms, which can be customized according to the requirements of an organization. From quizzes to simulation games to hackathons, there is no area that has been left untouched. The brand property is the crucial factor in startups which need to be pushed forward in the future aspirant’s eyes, and that’s exactly what these competitions do.

We at Dare2Compete have conceptualized, promoted and executed this brand image for various organizations through such student competitions. Our vast experience base has taught us the importance of a well thought out design for recruitment runs that depend on competitions.

The Positives of Organizing Student Competitions

  • You get the best of the lot. Winners of such competitions are students who think out of the box, whose practical knowledge benefits in ways that theory could never do.
  • You cut time on the standard recruitment process which anyway couldn’t guarantee the best recruit by a mere CV.
  • The innovative ideas and the enthusiasm these people possess go a long way in improving the work environment of your organization.

How do we know this? Our previous experience with our esteemed clientele proved it to us. The said clientele contains the like of Vodafone, Aditya Birla Group, Airtel, EY and many more.

EY Quiz organised by Dare2Compete

Startups are a much more enticing prospect to job seekers because of the growth opportunity and the positive learning curve that most of its employees benefit from. This has made a lot of aspirants apply to them in huge numbers. Competitions prove to be a useful tool to sieve out the best from this aspirant pool with minimal resource spending.

Given how the investment in Indian startups saw an increase in the last quarter, it is estimated that it will only increase over time. This would make these organizations strive for excellence in their valuation and operations. The youth is the perfect fuel for this endeavor and competitions the best way to find the top talent among them.

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