Transformation from Student to Professional life | Aditya Birla Group

The professionals share their real-life experiences on the transition from student to professional life.

Garima Bihani was exposed to the world of opportunities through her roles in different businesses and different cultures which have made her a true professional. At present, she is also managing the largest acquisition in manufacturing industry in the decade which is JP acquisition with Ultratech cement. All these diverse challenging roles have grown her as a professional.

Geetika Bajaj expressed that building a technical knowledge and functional focus is just one part of the working, behavioral learning is more important while working as a professional.

Anant Saboo expressed that as a person one feels a lot more mature in terms of dealing with people, dealing with the situation, and the kind of results the management expects from them.

Rutu Velani shares her transformation had started during the induction program where they were expounded about different businesses and roles, which made them familiar even before she started actually working. Since then there has been reset every four months, proceeding to the next level.  

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