Typical Workday | RPG

Surya Soman Pillai (Manager- Group HR) stated that based on the feedback received from their employees, her HR group always try to improve policies and strategies. So there is always something on the table to work on and improve taken into consideration all other group companies. They also ensure smooth movements of their employees within the group across companies.

She also talked about various Employer Branding campaigns that are running on their social media platforms. There are a lot of posts related to employee insights, featuring their own employees sharing their own stories.  

Tanay Salpekar (AM Material | GMR- RPG Group) talks about his roles and responsibilities in RPG which includes vendor identification, negotiation, scheduling, planning all the logistics and material coming and allocating it to various factories and so on. It is basically an office job but sometimes he has to travel across India based on the needs of the company.

Maninder Singh (AM- Corporate Supply Chain) stated, he with his manager works on some functional and strategic points on daily basis taking in to account the company’s finances and future strategies.

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