Ernst and Young EYQ 2017 presented by EY Knowledge - The Quest For The Best Minds!

Submit business ideas and plans in article form or presentation. Designed to ignite the process of an idea concepts and start-ups on any of the Topics given below:

Entrepreneurship, Imparting Skills, Indian Culture, Travel & Tourism, Technology in Agriculture,   Entertainment  

Summer Internship Project   Paricipants can Submit even their Summer Inernship projects provided they can Show what VALUE they have added in Product, Service, Process or System in the Department they Worked for in the Organization. 

Format: Business Plan document: 8-30 pages with Font: 12px-18px Arial/times new roman line spacing 1.5 Google Doc/Slide share/Scribd/ Prezi link or Docx, Doc or PDF PowerPoint presentation Google Doc/Slideshare/Scribd/ Prezi link or PPT format Designed to ignite the process of an idea concepts and start-ups

  • Name of the plan brief description of your idea.
  • an overview and vision of your business
  • your product or service offering
  • how the product or service will be developed and produced - See more at:
  • an analysis of your market
  • your competitive advantage
  • a marketing plan to develop your marketing strategy including promotion, advertising and public relations and finding customers online - See more at:
  • your business structure
  • how your business will be managed
  • an estimate of costs, your cash flow position, your margin, mark-up and breakeven point, and a calculation of your profit and loss - See more at:
  • An action plan to take action on goals.
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2 Rs 75000 Yes
3 Rs 50000 Yes
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