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AGON 2016: Systematic Entrepreneurship

We invite you to E-Cell IIM Ranchi’s event in AGON 2016 –

Business Area: Identify a business opportunity (in the services sector) in any of the following industries:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Agriculture
  3. Entertainment and Fashion
  4. Banking and Finance
  5. Education

Deliverable and Judging criteria:

 a. The business opportunity should fit one or more of the below criteria:

  • An unexpected event in the industry opening up new avenues
  • Incongruity – gap between perceived (economic) assumptions about industry, and reality
  • Process need – identify and improve weak links in existing processes
  • Industry and Market Structure – recent changes
  • Demographic – emerging new demographics and new markets
  • Changes in Perception – e.g. how online diagnosis is changing the perception of illness
  • New Knowledge – new discoveries, new technology , alternate uses

 b. Validate your identified opportunity with suitable market research; identify the target group of customers (deep pockets, deep pain) and early adopters.

 c. Visualize an interface for your service (it may be an app/website/B&M). While it is not necessary to actually develop a working app, you would be required to present a visualization of it in your presentation.

 d. Conservatively project your financials (including costs and revenues) till break-even.

 e. The business opportunity need not involve high-tech; it may also be a new solution to an old problem, with existing technology/solutions in other domains. What we look for is uniqueness and innovation.


Team Size:- 3-4

Deadline for registration:-27th Aug, ‘16


Send a Presentation of not more than 15 slides to


Deadline for sending the entries: 28th Aug, ‘16


Selected participants will be called at the Annual Management Fest AGON’16 to present their entries on 3rd and 4th Sept '16

Cash prizes upwards of Rs.20000/-

First prize Rs. 12,500

Second prize Rs. 7,500
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Important Dates
27th Aug'16, 11:59 pm (IST)
Registration Deadline
28th Aug'16, 11:59 pm (IST)
Deadline for sending entries
29th Aug'16, 11:59 pm (IST)
Declaration of Results
03rd Sep'16, 10:00 am (IST)
Presentation Round
Rank Cash Certificate Comments
1 Rs 12500 Yes
2 Rs 7500 Yes
Contact Organizer
Name Email Id Contact No.
Nikhita Basti 7022166638
Gaurav Mahawar 8981371082
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