Ernst and Young EYQ 2017 presented by EY Knowledge - The Quest For The Best Minds!

Audacity 2017 - Magical Selfie Competition

We all know how fond you are of taking selfies and so here's a chance to show off your best snapshots and win prizes worth Rs. 6000!

How to participate:

1. Register on Dare2Compete and attach your selfies in the attachments as a submission.


2. Message us your selfies (no limit) to our facebook page

3. We will then upload one of your selfies to the Audacity page. After that, each like that your picture gets will be worth 10 points, and each share will be worth 20 points.

4. Selfies going with the magical theme will get an additional 500 points.

5. The top 3 point scorers at 11:59:59 PM, 22nd January, 2017 will be adjudged the winners of the Selfie Competition and given the prizes mentioned above.

All you need to do is to click and send them to our FB page!
So get going and send us your entries right away!

#CelebrateMagic #Audacity17 #Magic
#BeAudacious #BeYou 

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1 Rs 3000 Yes
2 Rs 2000 Yes
3 Rs 1000 Yes
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Mehul Gupta 9716140620
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Magicfie - Audacity'17
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Mehul Gupta
December 21, 2016
Easy money! The theme is amazing. Putting on my sorting hat. ????

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