Ernst and Young EYQ 2017 presented by EY Knowledge - The Quest For The Best Minds!
Sports Marketing Club, MICA Panel Discussion will facilitate a panel discussing at length the Sports
Marketing Industry in India. This Summit is a unique opportunity to bring together the three
key stakeholders under one roof:

 Sports experts

 Sports Investors & Marketers

 Future Sports Managers and Marketers- Management Students

The Theme: The Future of India as a Multi-Sport Nation

The above topic shall address the Indian sports landscape as being shaped by multiple sporting leagues floating in, the discussion will be based on the following topics:

 The audience for new sports (non -cricket)- is it coming from an existing pie of sports
fans or will the pie increase
 The regional popularity of certain sports- how this can impact the future of sport in India
 Missing sporting culture in India and is it compounded by factors like misallocation,
poor asset management and an absence of a framework for measuring impact
 The role of amateur sport in this landscape
 Efforts to make people play the sport- Grassroots initiatives
 Link between grassroots participation and viewership
 Growth in India’s marketing expenditure on sports other than cricket

Event Details

Profile of Speakers:

1. Mr. V Krishnaswamy- Senior Journalist and author- 'Sachin: A Hundred Hundreds Now'
2. Ms. Deepti Bopaiah- Executive Director at GoSports Foundation
3. Mr. Gautam Chhatwal- AVP - Product & Revenue Strategy (Star Sports) at Star India

The discussion will be moderated by Mr. Harish Krishnamachar- Sports Marketing Expert, Partner at Sportoid Sports Solutions and Adjunct Faculty, MICA 


The Discussion would end with a Q&A session with the audience.

This Summit hopes to borrow from the experience and knowledge of stalwarts who are at the
helm of various institutions and organizations in the Industry and aid the guidance of the
aspiring professionals in Sports Marketing.

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Rohan Desai
February 16, 2017
Looking forward to this event!

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