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Greetings from Team Samvad- the Student Magazine of WeSchool, Mumbai.

Call for articles: 

We invite articles on all management verticals – General Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources

JUNE 2017 Theme-   Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


1.Operational Intelligence and Real time decision making
2.Effect of Big Data on Logistics and Inventory Management
1.Impact of data science on the finance industry
2.Future challenges posed by Finance industry because of changing artificial intelligence
Human Resource:
1.The artificial intelligence and it's relation with HR that can be a threat to the traditional HR roles 
2.The rise of HR analytics and it's help in designing HR policies
General Management:
1.Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Human Data Scientists
2.Artificial intelligence and data science in automotive industry
1. Marketing Analytics and it's impact on organisations
2. How Big Data Analytics has changed the way businesses make decisions

Submission Guidelines:

1. Entries should be sent in from students of Post Graduate Management Courses.

2. Teams of maximum 2 can participate. The students can be from different institutes.

3. Send in your article to The file should be in .doc or .docx format; Font size:       12; Font: Constantia; Line spacing: 1.05'

4. Word limit: 1000 words or a maximum of 4 pages with relevant images.

5. All the tables and images should have properly numbered title(s) above and source at the bottom of the table/images.

6. The cover page should include your name, institute name, year, course details & contact no.

7. Please name your file as:  Name_Theme_Marketing/Finance/HR etc.

8. Subject line: Samvad_Theme_Marketing/Finance/HR etc.

9. Ensure that there is no plagiarism and all references are clearly mentioned.

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Deadline for submission of entries: 30/06/2017

Please adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.        

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Important Dates

30th Jun'17, 12:00 am (IST)
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