Economic Times Young Leaders BSchool 2017
About Chatur Ideas:-

Chatur Ideas is one of India's learding startup enabling platform (as recognized by BRICS International Conclave for Startups and MSMEs). After acquiring Nurture Talent Academy (India’s first Institute for Entrepreneurs present across 125+ cities and trained more than 34,000entrepreneurs), Chatur Ideas is training young entrepreneurs across Institutes and providing them access to its vast ecosystem so as to enrich the entrepreneurship culture right from foundation level.

Along with helping startups in colleges, Chatur Ideas supports mature startups in raising funds, providing mentoring and assists them with a 360degree execution support in building their ventures to the next level.

Currently, we have more than 650 startups under our wings to whom we have provided support in one or more of the above segments and access to our network comprising of almost 1500 Investors.

About #BeAChatur Contest:-

#BeAChatur is an intensive 4 month Business plan competition where individuals/ startups can evaluate their potential ideas in the risk free environment of a competition.

Qualifying individuals/ startups (through each round) will go through business plan feedback, series of mentoring sessions from our pool of industry experts and amongst all, Top 10 entries will get an opportunity to raise real time funds of upto Rs 1 crore in front of Indian and Silicon Valley Investors.

Winning Entries (Top 3) (on the basis of our mentor score matrix) will be awarded with Rs 3,00,000, Rs 2,00,000 and Rs. 1,00,000 separately.
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Rank Cash Certificate Comments
1 Rs 300000 Yes
2 Rs 200000 Yes
3 Rs 100000 Yes
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Prashant 8600444581
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#BeAChatur Contest
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