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Pick one of the topic from below and send us the article/story by 20th June:

  1. What if Voldermott was a Hero & Dumbledore a Villain?
  2. Relaince all set to buy Pakistan (Or any other company you like)
  3. Anti-Terror Group formed by Civilians fighting against Terrorist Organizations
  4. A beggar opening a Startup which becomes super successful
  5. Life of a Terrorist
  6. World without Women
  7. We are puppets handeled by ...
  8. Parallel Universe
  9. Impossible Technology Introduced by India. World in Awe
  10. Peace in the age of Nuclear Bombs
  11. What's wrong with Teaching Methodologies in India. How are you planning to change it?
  12. Life as a cat/dog/pig/cow/chicken
  13. Taboo words should be used in public or not? (Sex, Mestrual Cycle, Orgasm, Lesbian/gay, etc.)
  14. A day when whatever you wished comes true. (The Midas Touch)
  15. Girls are puzzles/Guys are Predictable
  16. An Idea that can change the world
  17. Performance pressure on Indian Superheroes by their parents, as compared to foriegn ones.
  18. Rape - Its the fault of girls and only girls. For or against?
  19. Is 4 or 6 years of being in relationship proves that it is love? Or love is something totally different?
  20. Expectations - damaging lives since ages

A person can submit article on any number of topics he want, but if he/she wins, he'll be given only one award.

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Eakansh Srivastava
July 22, 2017
well done!

manoj s r
July 22, 2017

Moin Nargund
July 21, 2017
Very much excited about the competition

July 21, 2017

July 21, 2017