Bizzine, Perspective Richter 10-2018

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Online Preliminary Round on 20th Dec'17, 09:30 PM (IST) (#604 registered so far)

Institute of Management, Nirma University is launching their much awaited National event Perspective Richter 10 with chance to win prizes worth INR 7 Lakh. 

The Expressions Club under Perspective Richter 10 brings you Bizzine- which is an amalgam of Business and Fun. The pre-event would consist of an online Quiz round. The main event would consist of fun activities including creating, compiling and presenting a Business Magazine followed by a Q & A session, giving an opportunity to ‘Think Build Design’

General guidelines

·        This competition is open to only full time MBA students from B-schools

·        A team must consist of 4 with one of the members nominated as the team leader

·        All members of a team should be from the same institute

·        Team can be cross specializations

·        A student cannot be a part of more than one team

·        Only applicants within the registration timeframe will be accepted. Organisers reserve the right to check the validity of the registration information submitted at any point of time

·        Any deviation from the above will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team

·        There is no restriction on the number of teams from an institute

·        Only the team leader must register for the online quiz for the team to participate, no other member from the team can register separately

·        Decision of Organizing Committee will be binding in case of an issue/tie/discrepancy

Competition Structure

Qualifying Round - An Online Quiz

·        When: 20th December 2017 at 9:30 PM

·        Where: On dare2compete portal or

·        The quiz will grill you on your knowledge on various domains

·        All registered teams will have to participate in this round to be eligible for the finale

·        Quiz will be of maximum 7 minutes.

Second Round – On Campus Round

The participants will have to perform activities designed by the Expressions Club. The activities will a relay of 3 activities where the creativity, awareness and knowledge of various arenas of business will be tested.

Final Round - On Campus Round

The participants will be provided stationery and magazines, using which they have to create a new magazine based on a theme selected by the team.


Rules and Regulations:

•           From the given material, make a magazine, covering most significant articles based on the theme selected by the team.

•           The items that will have to be included compulsorily in the magazine will be communicated on the spot.

•           The team will have to present their Magazine to the presiding judge within the duration of 3 minutes.

•           Post the presentation, there will a Q&A session.

•           The team will be judged on the basis of their content, design and creativity.


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Important Dates

20th Dec'17, 09:30 pm (IST)
Quiz Date


Rank Cash Certificate Comments
1 Rs 13000 Yes
2 Rs 10000 Yes

Contact Organizer

Name Email Id Contact No.
Himalay 8866104025
Shrey Shah 9723570571


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December 06, 2017