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Klueless has been one of the most well recognized events for the past 6 years garnering the maximum participation in terms of numbers. The USP of this event is that it is completely online and requires just out-of-the-box thinking which evokes participation from students and employed professionals alike.

The event is traditionally launched as a precursor to Ahvan and has varying number of levels every year. It involves navigating a set of WebPages where players use logical reasoning to cross the levels.

Klueless has had over 3.5 million hits last year and is the most popular event from the IIM Indore stable. There were over 95000 unique players last year from over 110 countries and it has always evoked a positive response with players looking forward eagerly to the next edition. The image it has created amongst students and professionals is such that it is one of the most awaited events in India, spawning clones from the rest of the IIMs as well. In spite of the launch of clones from other institutes, Klueless is still seen as the premier event which always delivers both on originality and creativity.


The aim of the game: Complete all levels till the HOF reveals itself. Each level once cracked will reveal the location of the next – you get the drill – an online treasure hunt. There are multiple ways in which each level can be solved

  • Entering an answer in the answer box provided
  • Changing the URL in the address bar
  • Clicking on various objects on the page.
  • Providing the right username and password if/when prompted
  • The answers to levels are NOT case sensitive. We try to cover most possible answers to a level, but do try out different combinations of answers if we might have missed some out. (We're human after all). Answers with multiple words will contain a space between them, so do take care of the same.
  • Clues are very easily Google-able. Images can also be reverse-searched using Google/tineye
  • Hints for the answer to the level will be on either/ all of the following
  1. Page Title
  2. URL
  3. Pictures on the level (and their names!)
  4. Page source. (Right click and use View Page Source)
  5. Some amount of binary (.doc, .jpg etc.) download/manipulation may be required to get the hint to next level.
  6. There may be answers which lead you down the wrong path so watch out!
  • Not every one of these might be a clue. We promise to make a conscious effort to mislead you.

There is no registration required at any point during the event. Contest is open to anyone and everyone.

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Important Dates
11th Nov'11, 11:11 am (IST)
K-7 Starts On
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Natarajan C +91 8056138326
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