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Conceptualize, Promote and Execute Brand Property

You can reach out to your target audience by promoting your competitions on Dare2Compete.com through our various offerings and channels. We have reach to all the colleges in India across domains and are leaders in this space. We also help in conceptualizing amazing engagement activities for you!

  • Conceptualize Brand Properties

    Conceptualize Brand Properties

    This is our forte! We not only execute and promote competitions for you but consult you at every stage of the competition right from conceptualizing to execution of a competition that works best for you given your specific aim - Employer Branding, Brand Property, Employee Engagement etc.

  • Competition Listings

    Publish Competition Details

    You can list and publish details of your competitions on Dare2Compete, and open registrations for the same to get extended reach. You get a unique URL for all your listings so that you can invite registrations and you don't have to manage your website.

  • Advertisement Banner Spaces

    Advertisement Banner Spaces

    We help you reach out to our visitors through various static advertisement banner spaces visible on all the prominent pages of the website. We deliever one million brand impressions for our clients.

  • Featured Competition Space

    Featured Competition Space

    Get extended visibility on the prime space where we feature sponsored competitions. This will be visible on the Homepage as well as on the competitions listing page. This is a rotating space with few competitions rotating.

  • Mailers


    Exclusive Mailers: We send exclusive mailers about your competitions/offerings to our audience

    Newsletter: We send regular newsletters to our subscribers. Your competition will be included in our newsletters

  • Facebook Updates

    Facebook Updates

    We post custom Facebook updates for the sponsored competitions to engage with the audience. These updates are created in a manner best suited for our FB fans.

  • Colgate Transcend

    Client: Colgate | Employer Branding

    Colgate has been engaging Dare2Compete.com for last few years to promote and execute their annual B-school competition Colgate Transcend. We have been able to give Colgate more than 5600+ registrations in around 14 days.

    Colgate Transcend brings an exciting series of challenges that will work the wits of students to break clichés and deliver beyond expectations.

  • YES Bank Transformation Series

    Client: YES Bank | Student Engagement

    YES BANK has been fostering innovation and creativity through its initiatives and YES BANK Transformation Series has been providing a launch pad for some of the brightest minds in the world to come up with path breaking ideas since 2010.

    Yes Bank leveraged Dare2Compete's large reach to promote this competition for last few years.

Online Quizzes

One-of-its-kind online quizzing platform that delivers competitive spirit while playing quizzing in a time bound manner. Leverage our extended reach to get more participation, and eliminate the need to have a separate IT infrastructure for competitions, hence, reducing investment.

  • Host Different Type of Online Quizzes

    Host Different Type of Online Quizzes

    Standard: Participants answer questions with various options as set by the organizers. They can skip, submit or shuffle between the questions within a specified time duration.

    Treasure Hunt: Advanced quizzing level where a participant needs to answer the first question correctly before moving on to the second. Participants will be able to see live leader board and hints as given by the organizers.

  • Numerous Plugins

    Numerous Plugins

    1. Quiz View – Questions can be displayed one by one or all on one page.

    2. Who can play? All team members simultaneously or only the team leader?

    3. Shuffling of questions for participants? On or off?

    4. Can participants edit answers? Yes or No?

    5. Pick ‘x’ questions from a pool of ‘n’ questions.

    And many more...

  • Minimalistic Quiz Design

    Amazing Playing Experience

    Minimalistic and clean interface! No clutter of advertisements or unwanted data points while playing. Just focus on the question and answer. Our users enjoy this the most.

  • Client: IIT Madras | Student Engagement

    Client: IIT Madras | Student Engagement

    IIT Madras leveraged our quizzing platform for their annual festival Shaastra. This has enhanced their participation levels 2-5x from previous editions.

  • Client: IIT Ahmedabad | Student Engagement

    Client: IIM Ahmedabad | Student Engagement

    IIM Ahmedabad has been with Dare2Compete for years now. They organize virtually all online quizzes throughout their 3 annual festivals - Confluence, Insight and Ametheon - only on Dare2Compete.

Live/On-Campus Quiz Events and Quiz Masters

Our renowned and one of the best quiz masters host lives quizzing shows for institutions for their festivals, employee engagement programs, and brand building. We have hosted events for IIMs, IITs, Ernst& Young, PwC, Airtel etc.

  • Quizzing Shows and Events

    Quizzing Shows and Events

    We help institutes and corporate build and execute brand property around quizzing for higher levels of engagement across levels - communities, alumni, employee or students. Event structure is personalized to give special emphasis to the target audience and the kind of brand building required.

  • Audience and Participant Engagement

    Audience and Participant Engagement

    Through out these quizzes, Dare2Compete ensures that not only participants but audience is also engageed right from the start. We make them dance, laugh, think and most importantly Enjoy!

  • Quiz Master: Mr. Avinash Mudaliar

    Quiz Master: Mr. Avinash Mudaliar

    He is one of India’s best and leading quiz master and a well accomplished quizzer. He has conducted 1000+ quizzes in the last 20 years and has won over 800 odd quizzes. This makes him a leading storehouse of knowledge covering varied areas of specialty, and enables him to connect things in innovative ways, while envisaging novel and inventive methods to tackle any given task.

  • Client: Ernst & Young (EY) | Employer Branding

    Client: Ernst & Young (EY) | Employer Branding

    Dare2Compete has been with EY since the beginning of this property and this year we completed 5 years with them. EYQ 2016 broke all records in the B-school circuit when it surpassed 6000+ participation. We helped them conceptualize, execute and market this quizzing competition

  • Client: Airtel | Employer Branding

    Client: Airtel | Employer Branding

    Airtel's Quiz-o-Maniac was again conceptualized, executed and marketed by us for the whole student community. Avinash Mudaliar surprised audience with on-the-spot question making to engagement them.

Business Simulation Games

Learning. Recruitment. Engagement. Whatever be your objective, simulation games are best at all of this.

  • Self conceptual learning through application

    Self conceptual learning through application

    Business Strategy Simulations. Do It. Learn It. The best way to learn is to experience it. We'll make it possible for you to try out your business strategies in our simulated world. See what works and what doesn't.

    We have various simulation games across domains for deep learning experience

  • Recruitment focused Competitions

    Recruitment focused Competitions

    Dare2Compete helps corporate evaluate the best talent in the student community through simulation game competitions. This helps them check their practical conceptual knowledge as all our games are simulated real world scenarios.

    Participants play with each other for hours and decision of one participant will impact the decision of the other participant. This makes the game interesting and ensures that

  • Client: Aditya Birla Group | Summer Internship Recruitment

    Client: Aditya Birla Group | Summer Internships

    Dare2Compete has been executing Aditya Birla Group's Stratos across select list of B-schools through the use of simulation games. Campus winners are given opportunity to intern with the company. Last year 1400+ students across IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta, XLRI and ISB participated for 5 days non-stop.

  • Client: IIM Bangalore Alumni Association | Alumni Engagement

    Client: IIM Bangalore Alumni Association | Alumni Engagement

    In first of its kind event, IIM Bangalore engaged Alumni across the world through Dare2Compete's online simulation game platform for 5 days. Dare2Compete designed and executed the complete event with on-ground support for the finale. Feedback from the Alumni was nothing less than exceptional!

Employee Engagement

According to a study, the cost of replacing one $8 per hour employee can exceed $3,500, which gives companies a strong financial incentive to maintain their existing staff members through strong employee engagement practices. Dare2Compete helps organizations create tools/programs to engage employees.

  • What we can do?

    What we can do?

    Employee Focused Quizzes, Competition or other fun filled Engagement Activities at work

    Employee training and learning through Simulation Games and Quizzes

    There is no one solution that fits all. Hence, we conceptualize and customize our offerings

  • Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Quiz Wiz

    Client: PwC Quiz Wiz

    Dare2Compete designed and created an internal quizzing property for PwC that it has been using since couple of years now. It has enhanced the engagement levels across India offices through online as well as off line mode.

  • Client: IndiGo Airlines

    Client: IndiGo Airlines

    As part of their 10 Year anniversary, IndiGo engaged Dare2Compete.com to execute an employee engagement campaign for all employees pan-India. We helped them design one event through online mode so that everyone can access the competition. It surpassed IndiGo's expectation in terms of participation.

  • Client: Deutsche Bank

    Client: Deutsche Bank

    Dare2Compete helped Deutsche Bank design and execute an employee engagement activity for their pan India Employee base. This was done with the combination of online and offline activities with the finale at their Mumbai Head Quarters

Recruitment focused Competitions

Want to evaluate students on practical and conceptual knowledge? and, want to reach out to many students/people at one go? We got it for you!
Through our simulation games and online quizzes with amazing and thought provoking content, we help companies recruit fresh talent.

  • Client: Vodafone Voyage | Hiring and Engagement

    Client: Vodafone Voyage | Hiring and Engagement

    Dare2Compete worked with Vodafone to conceptualize a property that is not only focused on B-school student engagement but also recruitment. Vodafone wanted to recruit small percentage of their fresh hires through this competition. Dare2Compete helped them do exactly that through our tools and ideas - Quizzes, Tests and Simulation Games

  • Client: Aditya Birla Group | Stratos | Internships

    Client: Aditya Birla Group | B-school Internships

    Dare2Compete has been executing Aditya Birla Group's Stratos for years now. Students from 6 premier B-schools go through real world scenarios for 5 days and compete with each other to outsmart the competitors. The best part is that every 12 hours, the scenarios change and decisions have to be retaken based on the new competitive landscape.

  • Client: Aviva Life Insurance | Internships and Final Placements

    Client: Aviva Life Insurance | Campus to Corporate

    Aviva Life Insurance leveraged online quizzing/testing tool for one thier closed group event - Campus to Corporate - open to only few B-schools in India. Around 1500+ students participated in this online event.

Employer Branding

A brand is the most valuable asset of a company. Brand Building is all about connecting with your stakeholders and engagening with them. We help you build properties through which your stakeholders experience your brand and stay connected with it.

  • Client: Dr.Reddy 's

    Client: Dr.Reddy's | B-schools

    Dr.Reddy's HR team came to Dare2Compete to create a property to engage B-school students. Dare2Compete conceptualized, executed and promoted the event "Amethyst" across B-schools. We designed the content and the communication along with on-ground support for execution during the final rounds.

  • Client: Airtel

    Client: Airtel | Engineering Colleges

    Airtel leveraged Dare2Compete's expertise in organizing and executing on-ground quizzes for TechQ - The series of on-ground quizzes in premier Engineering Colleges across India. Dare2Compete designed the content and executed all the quizzes with perfection.

  • Client: Reliance Industries | Quiz-a-thon

    Client: Reliance Industries | Quiz-a-thon

    Dare2Compete created and executed a completely online property 'Quiz-a-thon' for Reliance Industries to engage with the student community in India. This saw a participation of 5000+ students across India.

Online Coding Hackathons

Organize coding challenges or hackathons to test engineering students and engage them

  • Hackathon Platform

    The Platform

    Dare2compete can help you organize all kinds of hackathons - Algorithmic, Product Focused, Programming or Analytical. It is best to customize your engagement to your target audience and also to the kind of business you run.

  • Hackathon Leaderboard


    Leaderboard platform to engage all the participants. Real time results along with student wise rankings with filter option. Leaderboard is for all rounds and coding challenges under a competition as well as at a overall level.

  • Client: Genpact

    Client: Genpact | Engineering Colleges

    Genpact leveraged Dare2Compete's unique hackathon platform for analytics domain based challenges. The campaign was a 4 month long engagement plan for students with one activity each month. Dare2Compete designed the content and executed all the activities under this campaign with perfection.