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One-of-its-kind online quizzing platform that delivers competitive spirit while playing quizzing in a time bound manner. Leverage our extended reach to get more participation, and eliminate the need to have a separate IT infrastructure for competitions, hence, reducing investment.

  • Host Different Type of Online Quizzes

    Host Different Type of Online Quizzes

    Standard: Participants answer questions with various options as set by the organizers. They can skip, submit or shuffle between the questions within a specified time duration.

    Treasure Hunt: Advanced quizzing level where a participant needs to answer the first question correctly before moving on to the second. Participants will be able to see live leader board and hints as given by the organizers.

  • Numerous Plugins

    Numerous Plugins

    1. Quiz View – Questions can be displayed one by one or all on one page.

    2. Who can play? All team members simultaneously or only the team leader?

    3. Shuffling of questions for participants? On or off?

    4. Can participants edit answers? Yes or No?

    5. Pick ‘x’ questions from a pool of ‘n’ questions.

    And many more...

  • Minimalistic Quiz Design

    Amazing Playing Experience with Right Content

    Minimalistic and clean interface! No clutter of advertisements or unwanted data points while playing. Just focus on the question and answer. Our users enjoy this the most.

    We create content for all our quizzes, if required. General Knowledge (GK) questions can be there or any specific domain like Business, Finance, Engineering etc.

  • Client: IIT Madras | Student Engagement

    Client: IIT Madras | Student Engagement

    IIT Madras leveraged our quizzing platform for their annual festival Shaastra. This has enhanced their participation levels 2-5x from previous editions.

  • Client: IIT Ahmedabad | Student Engagement

    Client: IIM Ahmedabad | Student Engagement

    IIM Ahmedabad has been with Dare2Compete for years now. They organize virtually all online quizzes throughout their 3 annual festivals - Confluence, Insight and Ametheon - only on Dare2Compete.